The Past (Historical)

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This was the Skerries Minecraft Project 2012:

Skerries 3012 Let’s create our town 1,000 years from now!

Attention all Minecrafters – you are invited to join the Soundwaves 2012 Minecraft Server!

For the duration of the Skerries Soundwaves Festival, we will build the Skerries of the future. To find out more about Minecraft, see – to participate in the Soundwaves Minecraft project, you need to be signed up for Minecraft and then get a ticket to register with us (at the low fee of €2 – and there will be a prize for the best building!). You can get the ticket in Skerries Mills (Craft Shop) or in the Village Art Gallery. If you prefer, you can send us an email – – and ask to pay by PayPal, then we’ll send you a PayPal payment request over €2.50 (50c higher, to cover the PayPal fee).

See also our competition rules. Remember this date: Sunday 23 September, at about 5 p.m. – Final Presentation in Skerries Community Centre, just after the prize giving of the Lego competition.


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