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Archery Competition on the last day online

Just a few pictures from this afternoon, when we met online for an hour (or longer for some!) and had an archery competition, designed by Conorconorconor and played by us all.


Some pictures from last Sunday (Skerries Soundwaves Minecraft Project at the Lego Day)

Here are our photographs of the Skerries 3012 Soundwaves Minecraft Project at the Skerries Soundwaves-Festival Skerries Lego Day !

Thanks again everyone for turning up, it truly was great to see you in real life.

The players signed out Minecraft sign.

Looking at the slide show (now available on our Blog, — in Skerries Community Centre.

Sabine McKenna (Project Team) discussing the possibilities of Minecraft with some visitors at our stall. — in Skerries.

Having a go at Minecraft!

Lots of interest in playing on our world.

From left to right, back: ridgefox1234, alex99mufc, zad_zad, jimjamjamieo (hidden), conorconorconor, Mat of 480272, SoundwavesMiner.
Front: brainiac101, clwmckenna, microman10, ocar_bocar, fluffykicky, slippykicky, Sam of 480272. Don’t you love the user names?!

Another picture of the entrants.

Lots more going on than just our Minecraft stall: Part of the Lego Exhibition last Sunday. See

This is the magnet the entrants got:

Be in next year to get the 3013 edition!

And this is the design on the T-Shirt the Project Team wore (designed and paid for by ourselves, no freebies here!):

We’re so going to wear these at Minecon 2012, Paris! 🙂

Competition results are in!

What a great afternoon! We met loads of the people we knew from online at the Lego Competition this afternoon. The buzz was great! We’ll upload a few photographs later, maybe tomorrow. Thanks to all for (a) being part of this, (b) competing (those who did), and (c) coming by to say hello today!

For now, I’ll just let you know the wonderful things our judge had to say about the entries. First the ones which were shortlisted, but didn’t get a prize:

Runners Up – Skerries Category

  • Bert’s Barbers by Slippykicky – I loved the picture of the owner! Great job creating the chair and “mirror” too.
  • Prison by fluffykicky – really liked the use of pistons to create a one way gate – very smart.
  • Shenick Island by 480272 Great recreation of the island and Martello tower.
  • Bookshop by davidoleary – laid out like the real shop with a great cash counter. Really well thought out.
  • Community Centre by nutjob774 – I was told it looked just like the real thing, reception, sports hall and all. Well done!

Runners Up Fantasy Category

  • Twin Towers by  Cormanator / FPOLeary00 – I liked the details like the art and the desks on each floor. I would work there for sure!
  • Floating Art Gallery by Microman10 –  I really liked the fact this was floating and had a beautiful waterfall. Very creative.
  • Ridgefox1234’s house – Bright with the white wool and glass. Very peaceful.
  • Whale by 487082 – A simple and fun creation! I liked how this really made the horizon come alive.
  • Random Tower by ocar_bocar  I loved how creative it was. Love the use of things like doors and pistons for walls. It looked great.
  • Glowstone Skerries Letters by DavidOLeary – I loved how the letters are houses!
  • Old Mansion by Jimjamjamieo – Great details with tudor-style walls, well-stocked kitchen and a fantastic library with  tables and chairs.
  • Zoo by fluffykicky – I liked the Iron Golems! Wish they had those at my local zoo.
  • Skerries News by Slippykicky –  The colours were great! And I liked the offices for all the reporters and the pool on the top floor – a great place to work!

Runners Up -Best Redstone Builds

  • Underground Zoo by Zad_Zad – Reminded me of an underground Dinseyland ride!
  • Small House by lordjellyfish/microman10 – I liked the secret basement and the really good use use of secret doors.
  •  Rollercoaster by fluffykicky – I really liked the ride! The drops were scary and fun. 
  • Purple wool redstone lamp/maze by DavidOLeary – I really liked he idea behind this. It looked really cool at night!

And here is what Liam had to say about the winners:

First off, thank you for inviting me to judge your amazing builds! It was so much fun to meet many of the builders and see your amazing creations. I was really impressed by all the effort and ingenuity you put into your structures. But, as instructed, I had to pick some winners, so here they are . . .

Skerries Winners

First Place: The Library by Brainiac101

 Rationale: A deceptively small building, the library of Skerries’ future holds many secrets – like an entire underground rail network! I especially liked the story describing Skerries in 3012 and the nether gate, stating that “Books are a portal to another world.” As an author and book nerd, I whole heartily agree!

 Second Place: Cathedral by Microman10/LordJellyfish 

 Rationale: A majestic cathedral that humbles the visitor with its sheer size (and giant creeper face in the ceiling!) Very well planned and clearly much patience was taken to create this building. I especially liked the surprise book in the chest behind the altar.


Third Place: The Lighthouse by conorconorconor

 Rationale: An impressive structure that will look great on the Skerries coastline in 3012! Very impressed with the redstone light at the top of the lighthouse and the colours used to make it. Well done. 

 Fantasy Building Winners

 First Place: Double Pyramid by alex99mufc

 RationaleI loved the stunning look of this building from the outside. And inside it was packed with secrets, like hidden note blocks that played with a flick of a switch, and a secret room deep underground. Full of surprises.

 Second Place: Creeper Temple by conorconorconor

 RationaleAn amazing building bursting with colour. Inside, the lava stairs and looming creeper faces add the majesty of this building. The creepers would approve.

 Third Place: Modern Mansion by Zad_Zad

 RationaleA very modern home packed with amazing features, like a rail cart food delivery system and hidden basement. I liked the attention to detail and the creativity used to create everyday objects like a fridge and kitchen counters. I’d live there!

 Best Use of Redstone Winners

 First Place: Flashing Skerries Sign by conorconorconor

 RationaleThe scale of this build immediately impressed me. The redstone work behind the letters was complex to get the timing of the lights to work perfectly. I was impressed with distance between the lever and actual sign, a difficult thing to achieve. And the art on the back of the sign was a nice added touch.

 Second Place: Bank/Monster Lab by jimjomjamieo

 RationaleI like how this building masqueraded as a bank but was really a Monsterlab underneath. The tripwire and piston combo worked very well to hide the entrance. I also like the switches that allowed daylight and water into the monster’s cages. Well thought out. As an added bonus, I really liked the signs telling us about the monsters.

 Third Place:  Automatic Chicken Cooker by ridgefox1234

 RationaleAn inspired creation! A very efficient way to cook chicken and difficult to get working consistently. Good use of redstone to activate the dispenser and cook the chicken, in a somewhat humane way.

Thanks so much to our judge – we’ll have to upload some more pictures soon, and we, the Skerries Soundwaves Minecraft Team, hope to see you online over the next week before the server closes until September 2013!

Soundwaves Minecraft screenshot with Liam O'Donnell

And your judge is…. Mr Liam O’Donnell!

We are chuffed and excited. We found a judge. We found a good judge. A great one, I think! We  got someone who ticks all our boxes – he (a) knows and understands Minecraft, (b) knows Skerries, (c) has his own website so that everyone can see who or what he is – and (d) does not know a single participant personally, and thus is completely unbiased! This might be helped by the fact that he lives in Toronto, Canada. It is Liam O’Donnell, not only an active Minecrafter, but also an educator, author, and founding member of GamingEducators – a group of educators who think that gaming should be a central part of learning! Teachers, take note!

To find out more about Liam, click on the screenshot of his website below.

Skerries 3012 as it grows and grows

We now have 23 subscribed players – room for more! See here how to join them!

One week and one day to the judging, another two weeks and two days that the server will be open for play.

What are your favourite creations? Comment away! Here are just some examples. More on our Facebook page, – which we update practically every day!