Update after three days of building


Skerries 3012 is growing and growing. We are updating our Facebook page regularly with screenshots showing creations of players. After three full days of building, the town is beginning to take shape. There are rollercoasters and shops. Some of today’s shops are there – like Bert’s Barber’s. The Community College sprung up today, and looks brilliant. A lot of work must have gone into it.

If you’re interested in taking part, and have Minecraft, get yourself to Skerries Mills or Skerries Village Art Gallery, and buy one of the tickets (€2). Then email us the unique code on your ticket, with your Minecraft name, and you’ll be whitelisted, plus you’ll get an email with the details on how to log in and start building.

If you’re not in Skerries, send an email to SoundwavesMinecraft@gmail.com asking to pay through PayPal  and we’ll facilitate that, too. PayPal will cost €2.50 as we have to pay PayPal roughly 50 cents…

It’s really exciting online, and we hope to see even more people there soon!

Sabine & Ciarán, the Soundwaves Minecraft Project Team


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