Soundwaves Minecraft screenshot with Liam O'Donnell

And your judge is…. Mr Liam O’Donnell!

We are chuffed and excited. We found a judge. We found a good judge. A great one, I think! We  got someone who ticks all our boxes – he (a) knows and understands Minecraft, (b) knows Skerries, (c) has his own website so that everyone can see who or what he is – and (d) does not know a single participant personally, and thus is completely unbiased! This might be helped by the fact that he lives in Toronto, Canada. It is Liam O’Donnell, not only an active Minecrafter, but also an educator, author, and founding member of GamingEducators – a group of educators who think that gaming should be a central part of learning! Teachers, take note!

To find out more about Liam, click on the screenshot of his website below.


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