Some pictures from last Sunday (Skerries Soundwaves Minecraft Project at the Lego Day)

Here are our photographs of the Skerries 3012 Soundwaves Minecraft Project at the Skerries Soundwaves-Festival Skerries Lego Day !

Thanks again everyone for turning up, it truly was great to see you in real life.

The players signed out Minecraft sign.

Looking at the slide show (now available on our Blog, — in Skerries Community Centre.

Sabine McKenna (Project Team) discussing the possibilities of Minecraft with some visitors at our stall. — in Skerries.

Having a go at Minecraft!

Lots of interest in playing on our world.

From left to right, back: ridgefox1234, alex99mufc, zad_zad, jimjamjamieo (hidden), conorconorconor, Mat of 480272, SoundwavesMiner.
Front: brainiac101, clwmckenna, microman10, ocar_bocar, fluffykicky, slippykicky, Sam of 480272. Don’t you love the user names?!

Another picture of the entrants.

Lots more going on than just our Minecraft stall: Part of the Lego Exhibition last Sunday. See

This is the magnet the entrants got:

Be in next year to get the 3013 edition!

And this is the design on the T-Shirt the Project Team wore (designed and paid for by ourselves, no freebies here!):

We’re so going to wear these at Minecon 2012, Paris! 🙂

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