Soundwaves Minecraft 2013

Here are the basics for our 2013 project:

The server opened on Sun 8 September at 9 a.m. and closes on Fri 20 September at 9 p.m.
Those who got whitelisted during the Pre-Launch Party could go online on Saturda 7th  from 5 p.m.!

You need the Skerries Soundwaves Minecraft Ticket (€5 from The Bubble Room)
as well as a Minecraft account, and Minecraft
for PC or Mac to play (sorry, iPad or XBox don’t work).
To buy Minecraft, go to – it’s €19.95.

The ops will be online as much as possible, but remember we’re volunteers and have school and work to take care of, too.
One of us will definitely be online from 6 p.m. to 6.30 p.m. every day.  

Competition information: There are three categories (Skerries-based, Fantasy, Redstone), and you must enter your creation by the 20th of September to be able to win. You can only enter protected creations. The judge’s decision will be final. May the force be with all of you!

The ground rules:

  1. Have fun, be creative, be fair.
  2. Find a free place to build on.
  3. Protect your plot (see below).
  4. Keep your creations to 20 x 20 blocks max.
  5. Don’t go underneath or above someone else’s creations, even if they haven’t protected them yet. (That includes: No tunnels, no Minecart tracks larger than 20 x 20 blocks.)
  6. Don’t grief, don’t destroy anybody else’s creations, and don’t add to them. Griefers will be banned immediately. You are responsible for what is done on your account – log out when you leave the room, don’t give your Minecraft password to anyone else.
  7. We have three ops, SoundwavesMiner, clwmckenna and 480272. No, we won’t make anyone else an op or give anyone special powers…

How to protect your buildings:

a)   Take a stick out of your inventory.
b)   Left-click on the ground where you want your plot to start. (Let’s say this is the left front corner of your plot.)
c)    Right-click on the ground where you want your plot to end. (This will be the right back corner of your plot. Remember: Your plot should only be up to 20 x 20 blocks! If it’s bigger, we’ll remove the building.)
d)   Type /res select vert . This will select all the blocks from bedrock to sky limit.
e)   Type /res create … (whatever you want to name it, for example /res create MineTower)
Done! Your plot is now protected, and you can start building!

Questions? Send an email to or contact us through the form below.



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