The judge is back!

Those of you who were with us last year might remember our judge, Praxismaxis aka Mr Liam O’Donnell. The good new is: He’s back and will judge our competition yet again!


In real life, he is Liam O’Donnell, hails from Ireland but has been living in Canada for most of his life; he brings Minecraft into schools, writes books for kids and teenagers, and has his own website:

liamodonnel com

Last year, judging involved a marathon online session where the administrators clwmckenna and SoundwavesMiner walked through the virtual world with Praxismaxis, while he took notes and chatted to us via our headsets. He then went away on his own and did the adjudicating – you can see the results here.

This is pretty much what’s going to happen this year again. The exact rules will be published soon. Keep building so!


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