Competition News

We already have sixteen approved entries into the competition, namely the following residences, in alphabetical order:

sprucegoose1 & sprucegoose2

Well done to the players, some great stuff there! And keep it coming, everyone else – check the Competition Rules, keep building and nominate your residence(s) by Friday at 9 p.m.

If you have entered, but your building isn’t listed here, check your email – you need to protect or re-protect your residence! If you leave out the /res select vert, you only protect one level of blocks, the one that you’re standing on when protecting it. So anybody can build or break any block that is higher or lower than that – which is nearly all the blocks! You can also check our FAQs for detailed instructions.
How to create a Residence

You want to see the other creations? No problem – just type /res tp [residence name]

for example /res tp BeachForMiner

That’ll get you to my little beach house! (It’s still a work in progress.)

The residence name must be exactly the way it’s here on the list, cut and paste maybe to ensure that it is, or else you’ll just see “Invalid Residence”!

At the moment, by far the most entries are for Fantasy, so if you would like better odds at winning one of the fantastic prizes we have, go for Redstone or Skerries!

Remember, everyone can enter one residence for each category – that’s up to three creations you can enter!

And you can enter your creation now, but keep working on it until Friday.

Any questions? Do email us! That works quickest. Or ask one of the admins online when we’re there.

And try to make it to the Lego & Minecraft Exhibition on Sunday – 3 – 5 p.m. in the Community Centre! The winners will be announced at 4.30 p.m., and we’d love to take a group photo (like we did last year) at about 4.15 p.m.

Lots more going on than just our Minecraft stall: Part of the Lego Exhibition last Sunday. See

Lots more going on than just our Minecraft stall: 2012

Mini Minecraft Exhibition: If you have any Minecraft ‘stuff’ – swords, pickaxes, Creepers, pictures, cardboard Steves, anything – please do bring it along, we’ll set up a mini Minecraft exhibition on the day.

All the best for now, keep mining and remember to protect your residences!

Keep the competition entries coming!

And thanks to Grace for the good idea of letting others know the name of residences so we can /tp res [residencename] to them!

Sabine aka SoundwavesMiner for the team


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