News Flash: Extra time!

Just a quick update for players / participants in our 2013 Skerries Minecraft Project: We’re leaving the server open until Saturday at 12 noon, so you have an extra half-a-day to play and build – competition entries don’t need to be finalised until Saturday at 12! Plus you can build up to 40 x 40 – just make sure you protect what you build.

If you were having any trouble today getting on the server – it’s not your fault, it’s not our fault, it’s just that Minecraft was updated, and you now need to do a little tweaking before you can get back onto our server:

You will have seen “Server out of date” when trying to connect to the Minecraft server.
It’s just that Mojang went to Minecraft 1.6.4 and you can fix it! You can tell your Minecraft to still talk to our 1.6.2 server.
You need to do the following:
Go out of Minecraft again (Cancel, Quite Game)  and open it once more.
But don’t click “play” yet!choose 1 6 2
Click on the tab “Profile Editor” at the top of the Minecraft window.
Click “New Profile”
In “Use Version” choose 1.6.2 (*not 1.6.4 or latest version!*)
Then save profile.
That’s it, now you can play!

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