The winners are…


3rd prize went to Hipcrafter by Hipcrafter.
Liam says: I liked the track, it’s quite creative… and it ended dumping us into the sea, which we all need every once in a while!

2nd prize went to BenK05 for his Fireworks Factory:

Liam says: Very colourful; I liked how it set off more than one dispenser, with just one switch. Good use of redstone.

1st prize went to slippykicky for CowTour

Liam says: I really liked the CowTour and its ingenious and educational use of redstone.


3rd prize:The Summer House by legend_of_spud.
Liam says:  It’s a hole little compound, there is great attention to detail, fire in the fire place etc.

2nd prize: Pharmacy by Piggyman 35
Liam says
: I loved how the dispensers were dispensing potions, like in a real pharmacy.

1st prize:
Skerries Mills by Invalid_Block
Liam says
: Little details of things set this one apart. I really liked the haystacks and the details out front; when you stepped inside, from the outside it looked really nice, and inside it looked like a mill with ovens, bread etc – they put some thought into it

Fantasy Category

We actually have three third prizes – even that way it was very very difficult, many other creations were absolutely fantastic.

Third prizes:
HIPPYHUNTER01        sprucegoose – Liam: Great visual impact. Lovely ship.

Garth_Mayder     Minecraft_Museum – Liam says: . Liked the story it tells, and the history he invented around it.

G_murph2002     underground_treehouse – Liam: I liked how she used the leaves of the tree to make it look like a building

Second prize: The Warlocks Tower by CILLIAN676
Liam says: You go in and you really feel that you’re walking into the tower of a warlock. You were stepping into a fantasy game, every level had another theme. Really well done.

First prize: Twin Dragons by Microman10
Liam says: I really liked how the dragons are crawling up the side, and their spitting fire is an added bonus. Very well thought out. A definite winner.

Pictures of the winning entries and from the Lego & Minecraft Exhibition will follow.

Well done everyone, and it was great that so many made it to the Community Centre – thanks for showing up and being at the exhibition today!


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