Announcing Skerries Soundwaves Minecraft Project 2014

Wow, can you believe it? This is going to be the third year that Minecraft is part of Skerries Soundwaves Art & Music Festival! Once more, Skerries Minecrafters (and friends) are invited to come into our virtual Skerries map and create their own online town. SoundwavesMiner (see picture) is truly looking forward to doing it all again – and hoping to meet many old and new friends.



The Soundwaves Minecraft server will be online for nearly a full week this year, from Sat 13 Sep, 5 p.m., to Fri 19 Sep, 8 p.m. – so block that time for some creative fun!

Get your server passes (€5) in Skerries Tourism or online from Eventbrite. Follow the instructions on the tickets – we’ll  send you the log-in details in return.

You need to own Minecraft for PC or Mac to be able to connect to our server! [Minecraft PE / XBox / for iPad etc. do not work!]

We will have enough tickets for everyone, we have a big server and can upscale if necessary. There will be two worlds, one for Junior Crafters (up to 3rd class), one for Senior Crafters (4th class to 3rd year).

Once again we’ll have a kick-off party on Sat 13 Sep in Skerries Educate Together National School (limited to 30 tickets, also on sale from Wednesday in Skerries Tourism Office and online on Eventbrite [plus again a booking fee if you go for the online ticket]).

All protected creations will be automatically entered in our competition – there will be two categories in each age group, Skerries  & Fantasy. We’ll be at the Lego & Minecraft Exhibition on Sunday 20 September to meet up with everyone again, to do some Minecrafty stuff, to show off some of the creations – and of course for the prize-giving!

Praxismaxis in Minecraft

Praxismaxis, our judge

And our judge is – for the third time – the wonderful Praxismaxis aka Liam O’Donnell, a Minecraft fan and teacher who is originally from Ireland but now lives in Canada. Since last year, he has even written a couple of Minecraft novels for kids, Descent into  Overworld & Nether Nightmare. The first will come out in October!

Happy days ahead!

Just don’t forget those tickets… €5) from Wed 3 Sep 2014 in Skerries Tourism or online from Eventbrite. Follow the instructions on the tickets – we’ll whitelist you and send you the log-in details in return.


2 thoughts on “Announcing Skerries Soundwaves Minecraft Project 2014

    1. Sabine McKenna Post author

      Hi Slippykicky, thanks for asking that!
      This year, there won’t be a specific Redstone category but if people use Redstone, and use it well (and leave a sign perhaps explaining how they’ve used it), that would certainly improve their chances in winning any of the other categories, Skerries or Fantasy.
      Hope to see you back this year!


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