Great start – Launch Party & Server is Live!

Thanks to the more than fifty children and two dozen adults who spent last Saturday afternoon (13 Sept) in the beautiful airy halla of Skerries Educate Together, launching this year’s Soundwaves Minecraft Project in style!

Scroll to the bottom of this page for some more info about the server!

Most of you have already been online, too – if there are any questions please first check out our FAQs and if they’re not covered, mail us at soundwavesminecraft@gmail.comIt’s worth checking back to the FAQs because I try to add each question I get from, and answer I give to, an individual to the FAQs, too. 😀 Building our knowledge base for everyone…

At the party, Mat (May), who rebuilt Skerries in Minecraft for the project and also created the posters a second year in a row, Ciarán (McKenna), the technical mastermind behind this project since 2012, and myself, Sabine, cccSkerries, gave a short introduction to this year’s project and answered questions … and of course Mat showed his awesome video from last year! Then we introduced the new world … which, I can tell you, is not half as empty any more as it was just yesterday!

Enjoying an ice cream sandwich and the sunshine during yesterday's Launch Party.

Enjoying an ice cream sandwich and the sunshine during yesterday’s Launch Party.

After that, the Minecraft crafts, a Minecraft Build-Off, a mini-Minecraft-Lego Competition (results next Sunday with the Online competition), and most of all chatting to each other about (mainly) Minecraft things (and munching on hand-crafted ice cream sandwiches, popcorn and other goodies provided).

Lego Competition entries - results during next week's Lego Minecraft Cookery Day!

Lego Competition entries – results during next week’s Lego Minecraft Cookery Day!

Most excitement was probably created around the two laptops where 16 Minecrafters in total tried to beat each other and the clock. Amazing what can be done in only 3 minutes when you’re trying to outbuild the person next to you! The next rounds and the finals will take place next Sunday, 21 September 2014, from 2 p.m. on during the Lego Minecraft Cookery Competitions and Exhibitions in Skerries Community Centre. That is where, at about 4.30 p.m., the overall winners of the online competition will be announced, too.

We were going to have separate worlds, but people wanted to be able to play alongside each other, so we now have one world for all to share, but three age categories for the competition.

For each age group, there is a choice between Skerries or Fantasy in each: 3rd class and under, 4th to 6th class, 1st to 3rd year.

There are quite a few in the oldest category – and from what can be seen online in the first twelve hours of building, the standard is going to be very high this year!

Any questions please contact the Soundwaves Minecraft team at ASAP. We cannot always be online, but when we are we’ll get back to you soon.


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