Thursday Morning Snapshots

Two more days on the server! The buzz is mighty. Great building happening – having three age groups and two categories means the competition is also more exciting than ever before. Most players have already done what they urgently needed to do in order to be in the competition – they have protected their buildings!

There will be a server party on Friday from 7.30 to 8 p.m.  with a group build, some competitions and a group picture online (and then the server will close for another year), so if you’re part of the 2014 Soundwaves Minecraft Project and can make it at all, it would be great to see you online then!

And here are the promised snapshots of this morning, taken while the players were all at school… An eerily quiet yet beautiful world, which will spring to life again once school is over for the day (and homework done, of course….).

Do you spy the Ballast Pit? A flying pig? A legendary castle? The Community Centre? A creeper? A beach volleyball pitch?

Click into any of them to look at the gallery in detail.

I like our virtual Skerries 2014… – Sabine for the Soundwaves Minecraft Team


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