Friday Pictures (Party and other) And 2014 Prize Winners

The server is now closed for this year. I think it was the best year yet, great people online and great creations. People seemed to really enjoy themselves, and when there were little misunderstandings, they were usually settled fast enough. And the creativity this year! Wow. It will be very tough to judge. Every building that is on the server, is automatically in the competition. Results were announced during the Skerries Soundwaves Minecraft and Cookery Competitions and Exhibitions on Sunday 21 Sep 2014 in Skerries Community Centre, and the winners were:

Skerries Category:

1st prize minor: SportsWorld by AwesomeDog
2nd prize minor: Arbour Blooms by mickey6th

1st prize junior: Community Centre by cocopoppy
2nd prize junior: Skerries Park by Skerriesboy
3rd prize junior: Skerries Bank by FluffyKicky

1st prize senior: Skerries Train Station by slippykicky
2nd prize senior: Skerries Book Shop by MadMentalSean
Fantasy Category:

1st prize junior: HotelSweet by Custylocka
2nd prize junior: lego by SamuelP2007

1st prize junior: Legendary Castle by CILLIAN676
2nd prize junior: The Amazing Maze by Hogmaster234
3rd prize junior: up by theloopyunicorn

1st prize senior: Headshot by MacDarach8810
2nd prize senior: Smokenzie by Smokenzie

Some snapshots from the Minecraft Area & Prize Giving 2014

The Last Day on the Server

Lots were online on Friday afternoon, and while some couldn’t come to the online party at half seven, just before the server closed around eight, due to Scouts and Athletics and other such worthwhile and fun things, we met most in the afternoon & took pictures with them then. Here are a few screenshots from yesterday afternoon and from the party.

And as for the party itself… there was a record number of people on, and I hope you can see from the short video of the last minutes that it was… fun!!!

Next up is the huge event that is the Skerries Soundwaves Lego Minecraft and Cookery Competitions and Exhibitions, Skerries Community Centre, Sunday (tomorrow from when I’m writing this) from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m., which will also say the second and following rounds, up to the final, of the 2014 Minecraft Build Off – and the winners of our online competition will be announced as well!

Minecraft Build OffRound One took place last Saturday during the kick-off party. All who made it to Round Two are asked to report to the Minecraft area by three o’clock; any slots unfilled by then will be filled by players on the day (after a short first round for them, too, to be fair).

Watch this space for updates!