Quick update on the 2015 Project!

The server will be open as normal today and then until 8 p.m. tomorrow, Friday.
We’ll have an online farewell party from 7.30 to 8 p.m. … there are games in the party zone, prepared by a number of players, and we’ll just hang out and say good bye to this year’s server.

1. Remember the competition! Winners will be announced after the party on Sunday.
You can enter one build into the competition for the Fantasy category
AND one for the Skerries category.
 Put a sign in front of it with its name and its category.
If you don’t have a sign, we don’t know you want to enter the building, so the sign is your competition entry. Any questions, let me know online or send me an email.
2. If there are any problems on the server,  telling me online or sending an email to me, Sabine, at soundwavesmc2015@gmail.com should sort it. We’ve had very little griefing (destroying of others’ buildings) this year, and where it was shown to me, I’ve managed to undo the damage.
Please protect your buildings!
Also no need to guess who did what, if something was indeed destroyed… We can see who placed or destroyed a block, and we have sent warning emails in 3 cases.
So far we did not have to ban any players, but where griefing happens from the same account a second time, we will ban the player, even if it’s a brother or sister who got hold of the account and did the damage…. you’re responsible for what happens on your account.
3. Survival World online! For those who’d like an extra challenge, or feel they have built enough. This is out of the competition (as is the nether), just for fun – type in forward slash warp survival, as in:
/warp survival
and you will be in a different world… To get back, go /warp spawn

4. PARTY! The wrap party on Sunday, 12 noon until about 1 p.m. in the Little Theatre, followed by the prize giving:
  • Included in your server pass! If you’re not coming, please let us know so we can allocate some tickets to others who might want to join us.
  • There will be a Minecraft Build-Off on four cccSkerries laptops, with small prizes and in particular the glory of winning – 3 rounds @ 2 minutes.
  • Also other activities like a Lego Corner, party snacks, and images from this week.
Parents can drop their kids at 12 and return for the prize giving at 1 p.m.
That’s it for now – see you then!
The 2015 magnets have arrived! Available at our party on Sunday.

The 2015 magnets have arrived! Available at our party on Sunday.