Getting ready for Soundwaves Minecraft 2016

It’s September – that means Soundwaves Month!

And for the fifth time, the Soundwaves Minecraft will be part of Soundwaves!

Go to our Eventbrite page to get one of the server passes (available online only this year), which will allow server access for all of next weekend – from Friday 16 September, 4 p.m. to Sunday 18 September, 9 p.m. You spoke and we listened – most action happened during the weekend, and some parents thought having the server open during school days wasn’t very helpful, so we are now focusing all the game play on Fri (from 4 p.m.), Sat, Sun (until 9 p.m.)!

As before, each player needs to own their Minecraft licence and have a user name for the PC/Mac (NOT Pocket Edition, Playstation, Wii, XBox, and also NOT Windows 10 – those are not compatible with our server).

For the first time, there are free drop-in sessions in the training room of cccSkerries for those who have signed up for the Minecraft Soundwaves Project. Details will be mailed to those who have signed up for Soundwaves Minecraft. It will be fun! First come, first served – five sessions @ six spaces max. You can use your own laptop or one of ours. It’s in 19 Kelly’s Bay Rocks.

And then there will be the wonderful Soundwaves Minecraft Wrap Party, Little Theatre, Sun 25 Sep, 11 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. (the end time in the brochure is incorrect, please do come and pick up your kids at 12.30). The price for the party is included in the server price!

Any questions? Contact us, Soundwaves Minecraft at or see for info & a few pictures from the last years.
Soundwaves Minecraft, that is Ciarán McKenna aka wututui (server admin; op), Mat May aka 480 272 (creative side; op), Sabine McKenna aka SabineMines (that’s me! Admin, op).