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2016 Results & Pics from our Party!

Well done to everyone who was on the server. We had a tough job finding winners for the competition… but here they are! The server is open for another week. We have saved the world as it was. We may not be able to be online much, but you can be if you wish!

If you won but couldn’t make it to the party, don’t worry, Sabine has your certificate (and prize)! 

And a big Thank You to our sponsors: Blue Bar, Storm in a Teacup, The Bubble Room, and Skerries News.  Your support was much appreciated!

The list of winners is just below this selection of server pictures. As well as a link to the world ready for you to download.

build player class  category points
Junior Art (2 entries)
statue BayernRu 3rd Art Jr 1st Prize €15 voucher for Storm in a Teacup
Senior Art (3 entries)
Papyrus Cookie6784 6th Class Art Sr 1st Prize €15 voucher for Storm in a Teacup
Skerries Junior (2 entries)
Rockbill 123danamal and UltanDestroyer 3rd Skerries Jr 1st Prize €10 voucher sponsored by Storm in a Teacup & Skerries mug sponsored by Skerries News
Skerries Senior (4 entries, 2 prizes)
TheWindmill the_lord_89 5th Class Skerries Sr 1st Prize €10 voucher sponsored by Storm in a Teacup & Skerries mug sponsored by Skerries News
Rockabill_Lighthouse Lord3P1K 5th Class Skerries Sr 2nd prize €10 voucher sponsored by Storm in a Teacup
Fantasy Junior (10 entries, 3 prizes)
Colosseum AwesomeDog2007 3rd Fantasy Jr 1st Prize €25 voucher sponsored by Blue Bar
CastleOnTheCloud: epic_olaf64 4th Class Fantasy Jr 2nd prize €10 voucher sponsored by The Bubble Room
temple SamuelP2007 3rd Class Fantasy Jr 3rd prize €5 voucher sponsored by Storm in a Teacup
Fantasy Senior (10 entries, 3 prizes)
ElvenFort CILLIAN676 6th Class Fantasy Sr 1st Prize €25 voucher sponsored by Blue Bar
BigCow1: BicoloredCow1 5th Fantasy Sr 2nd prize €10 voucher sponsored by The Bubble Room
SeaSpire MooMoo237 6th Class Fantasy Sr 3rd prize €5 voucher sponsored by Storm in a Teacup

And then there was the build-off on the day!

The prizes were all kindly sponsored by Breege, who set up her stall once more with Minecraft and other things. Thank you so much, Breege!

1st prize: Cartmaster

2nd prize: TheSweeney20

3rd prize: 123Danamal

Oh, yes, your link to the world:!pp1jkD5R!DLArH3Ig0yfBAt0yGsu1loDD0nmhPfOJw_0Wtdlyk50

Download it and unzip it, put it into your Minecraft folder on your PC and off you go!

Also, a few pictures from today’s party. PAAAAHHHTAAAAY!


The 2013 video and a few pictures

Mat has done another great job documenting the 2013 project creations and putting them into a video. We also have a few pictures. The world is being prepared for sharing, and will appear over the next couple of days – keep your eyes peeled! We’ll email all the project participants when the world is up. We had fun online – see you all again next year, I hope!

The winners are…


3rd prize went to Hipcrafter by Hipcrafter.
Liam says: I liked the track, it’s quite creative… and it ended dumping us into the sea, which we all need every once in a while!

2nd prize went to BenK05 for his Fireworks Factory:

Liam says: Very colourful; I liked how it set off more than one dispenser, with just one switch. Good use of redstone.

1st prize went to slippykicky for CowTour

Liam says: I really liked the CowTour and its ingenious and educational use of redstone.


3rd prize:The Summer House by legend_of_spud.
Liam says:  It’s a hole little compound, there is great attention to detail, fire in the fire place etc.

2nd prize: Pharmacy by Piggyman 35
Liam says
: I loved how the dispensers were dispensing potions, like in a real pharmacy.

1st prize:
Skerries Mills by Invalid_Block
Liam says
: Little details of things set this one apart. I really liked the haystacks and the details out front; when you stepped inside, from the outside it looked really nice, and inside it looked like a mill with ovens, bread etc – they put some thought into it

Fantasy Category

We actually have three third prizes – even that way it was very very difficult, many other creations were absolutely fantastic.

Third prizes:
HIPPYHUNTER01        sprucegoose – Liam: Great visual impact. Lovely ship.

Garth_Mayder     Minecraft_Museum – Liam says: . Liked the story it tells, and the history he invented around it.

G_murph2002     underground_treehouse – Liam: I liked how she used the leaves of the tree to make it look like a building

Second prize: The Warlocks Tower by CILLIAN676
Liam says: You go in and you really feel that you’re walking into the tower of a warlock. You were stepping into a fantasy game, every level had another theme. Really well done.

First prize: Twin Dragons by Microman10
Liam says: I really liked how the dragons are crawling up the side, and their spitting fire is an added bonus. Very well thought out. A definite winner.

Pictures of the winning entries and from the Lego & Minecraft Exhibition will follow.

Well done everyone, and it was great that so many made it to the Community Centre – thanks for showing up and being at the exhibition today!

Getting ready for Lego & Minecraft Exhibition

This afternoon, we will once again take part in the Lego & Minecraft Exhibition of the Skerries Soundwaves Festival.

We’re hoping to put together a mini Minecraft exhibition, and the more Minecraft things of all sorts people bring in, the better – so have a look at home what you could bring!

Some of our competitors can’t make it this afternoon – don’t worry, if you should win, we’ll let you know, and you’ll be able to pick up your prize at another time. However, if you can be there at half past four, that’d be great – or even if someone could go there for you!

Our judge, Liam O’Donnell aka Praxismaxis, spent four and a half hours online with the administrators yesterday. That was a great experience for us, him sitting in his house in Toronto, we sitting in different places in Skerries, all connecting over the internet, talking to each other via microphones and headphones, and walking around the virtual Skerries world.

Calling all players: Come to our stall and sign our 2013 poster – get a 2013 magnet in exchange (available at the exhibition only).

The competition winners will be announced at 4.30 p.m.

Here are some pictures from the judging!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Competition Entries

Is your entry in the list? If not, but you think it should, please send us an email – and don’t worry, we’ll find it and sort the entry out for you!

We have the following entries for our competition (in alphabetical order, all categories mixed):







sprucegoose1 & sprucegoose2



The server is now closed.

Be at the Lego & Minecraft Exhibition on Sunday 22, 3 to 5 pm – winners will be announced at 4.30 and everyone who enters the competition will receive an official magnet (for free)!

News Flash: Extra time!

Just a quick update for players / participants in our 2013 Skerries Minecraft Project: We’re leaving the server open until Saturday at 12 noon, so you have an extra half-a-day to play and build – competition entries don’t need to be finalised until Saturday at 12! Plus you can build up to 40 x 40 – just make sure you protect what you build.

If you were having any trouble today getting on the server – it’s not your fault, it’s not our fault, it’s just that Minecraft was updated, and you now need to do a little tweaking before you can get back onto our server:

You will have seen “Server out of date” when trying to connect to the Minecraft server.
It’s just that Mojang went to Minecraft 1.6.4 and you can fix it! You can tell your Minecraft to still talk to our 1.6.2 server.
You need to do the following:
Go out of Minecraft again (Cancel, Quite Game)  and open it once more.
But don’t click “play” yet!choose 1 6 2
Click on the tab “Profile Editor” at the top of the Minecraft window.
Click “New Profile”
In “Use Version” choose 1.6.2 (*not 1.6.4 or latest version!*)
Then save profile.
That’s it, now you can play!

Competition News

We already have sixteen approved entries into the competition, namely the following residences, in alphabetical order:

sprucegoose1 & sprucegoose2

Well done to the players, some great stuff there! And keep it coming, everyone else – check the Competition Rules, keep building and nominate your residence(s) by Friday at 9 p.m.

If you have entered, but your building isn’t listed here, check your email – you need to protect or re-protect your residence! If you leave out the /res select vert, you only protect one level of blocks, the one that you’re standing on when protecting it. So anybody can build or break any block that is higher or lower than that – which is nearly all the blocks! You can also check our FAQs for detailed instructions.
How to create a Residence

You want to see the other creations? No problem – just type /res tp [residence name]

for example /res tp BeachForMiner

That’ll get you to my little beach house! (It’s still a work in progress.)

The residence name must be exactly the way it’s here on the list, cut and paste maybe to ensure that it is, or else you’ll just see “Invalid Residence”!

At the moment, by far the most entries are for Fantasy, so if you would like better odds at winning one of the fantastic prizes we have, go for Redstone or Skerries!

Remember, everyone can enter one residence for each category – that’s up to three creations you can enter!

And you can enter your creation now, but keep working on it until Friday.

Any questions? Do email us! That works quickest. Or ask one of the admins online when we’re there.

And try to make it to the Lego & Minecraft Exhibition on Sunday – 3 – 5 p.m. in the Community Centre! The winners will be announced at 4.30 p.m., and we’d love to take a group photo (like we did last year) at about 4.15 p.m.

Lots more going on than just our Minecraft stall: Part of the Lego Exhibition last Sunday. See

Lots more going on than just our Minecraft stall: 2012

Mini Minecraft Exhibition: If you have any Minecraft ‘stuff’ – swords, pickaxes, Creepers, pictures, cardboard Steves, anything – please do bring it along, we’ll set up a mini Minecraft exhibition on the day.

All the best for now, keep mining and remember to protect your residences!

Keep the competition entries coming!

And thanks to Grace for the good idea of letting others know the name of residences so we can /tp res [residencename] to them!

Sabine aka SoundwavesMiner for the team