Our list of Frequently Asked Questions – you ask, we add!

Ask by email to info@soundwavesminecraft.com, we will reply by email *and* add the answer to our growing list of FAQs!

Joining the server:

I want to fight my friends / explode things. Is this the server for me?

Well, actually – no, this is a friendly, cooperative, creative server! ūüėÄ
But if you can leave the explosions and trolling and potions aside for now, you’ll be very welcome. Come and create something awesome!

Why can’t I use my iPad, PE, iPod, XBox, Playstation Minecraft?

Only Minecraft for the PC or Mac JAVA EDITION¬†can connect to our server. Sorry, we can’t do anything about that.
To buy Minecraft, go to¬†https://minecraft.net/en/store/minecraft/¬†– it‚Äôs ‚ā¨23.95 once-off.
DON’T USE MINECRAFT FOR WINDOWS 10! That won’t work with our server.

Yes, your PC can be running Windows 10 – just don’t use the Windows 10 edition (it’s like the XBox edition running on the computer and for that reason is incompatible with our server)

I’m trying to log in again this year, using the same email address and password and its only allowing me¬†¬†to play the demo model. I went into our account and Minecraft or user name are not appearing in our account.¬† Do you think we will have to buy Minecraft again or do you know any way of getting around this?

Did you maybe use another email? I think that for each user, Mojang needs a separate email. So you might have used a different email for Evan last year?
For instance, I have three Minecraft IDs and 3 email addresses, one for each of them, had to be used.

I put in soundwaves.mcserver.ws¬†and it shows it on my server list, but when I try to log on, it says “Client out of date” – what does that mean?

It means that you need to download the new version of Minecraft Рgo to http://minecraft.net/download  and  download Minecraft again. You can copy it anywhere Рthe desktop works fine Рand then start it, enter your email and password to get into Minecraft (just when opening the new Minecraft for the first time), and off you play.

Here is my Mojang username: some.name@something.com and my code – could you please whitelist me?

Unfortunately not yet. We need your Minecraft user name, and then we can whitelist you and send you the server link. (Not the email address players use to log into their Mojang accounts, the actual player name, such as BillyBob18 or MicroMacro.)

Why do you need a phone number?

We don’t intend to get in touch with anybody except if we cannot get through by email, and really need to. It’s a last resort. Still – good to know we could if we had to!

On the server

Protecting your creation: Residence

When should I protect my area?

As soon as possible! Best to mark out your plot first, 20×20 is best, max. 30×30, e.g. by putting down a square of cobble stones, and then to protect it, before you even build anything.

For details how to protect your area, see here.

Pistons don’t work….

To make pistons work, do this:
/res set (name of your residence) piston true
eg /res set MyHouse piston true

Levers / buttons / pressure plates don’t work…

To make levers, buttons, pressure plates work, do this:
/res set (name of your residence) redstone true
eg /res set MyHouse redstone true

Water does not flow

Do /res set …. flow true

The Competition:

Can two or more players share an account and still enter the competition?

It’s not really recommended… But from our side..¬†Yes they can… they’d need to put a sign in front of each saying something like:

Child’s first name and class
Fantasy or Skerries category
for instance:
Jane 3rd class
in front of one building, and
James 1st Year
in front of the other. Both need to be protected of course!

New to Minecraft on PC

We haven’t used a keyboard & mouse with Minecraft before! Help!

Use the mouse pointer to look around, left-click to break a block, right-click to place a block. Mouse wheel to scroll through your inventory.

Keyboard E to open your inventory. Scroll through it with the mouse wheel, click and drag what you want to use into your inventory bar. E to close the inventory again.

Use ASDW to move left – back – right- and most importantly w: to the front.

Space bar to jump, double-tap: you go up and fly!  Shift Рyou go down a bit, and another double-tap on space: you go down all the way!

Open doors¬†– right-click on them. Be sure not to left-click or you might break them (if the owner has forgotten to protect their building)…

Don’t forget to use /sethome (in your house)! Then you can type in /home to go… home.¬†Sweet.

Moving Around

Help! I’m stuck! How do I get out of [the house I’m stuck in / a hole…]?

Type in /spawn the hit enter – and you should be back at spawn!
Or if you’ve set home (see below) just go /home
Do set home!!! It’s worth it.

I keep going up (after tapping the space bar twice) – how can I go down?

Hold the left shift key to go down a little (and space bar to go up a little), or tap the space bar twice to go down to the ground again.

How do I teleport to someone?

Do /tpa (the player’s name)
eg /tpa soundwavesminer
Then then have to do /tpaccept

How do I find my house?

You should set a home so you can always get back there. To set your home, do /sethome
To then go home, do /home
Now you can easily find where your building is.

Can I set more than one home?

Yes. You can do /sethome (whatever you want to name it)
eg /sethome myhouse
Then you can do /home myhouse
You will have to do /home home
to get to your first home though.

I was TP-ed over by an op, now I don’t know how to get back to where I was…

Just do /back and you’ll get back! Same when you did /home and would like to go back to where you were just before. Great shortcut, that…

I think someone is griefing / has griefed me. Should I try to spy on them?

No need. We have a plug-in installed that lets clwmckenna and SoundwavesMiner see who placed or destroyed which block. So send an email to   info@soundwavesminecraft.com, or ask wututui or SoundwavesMiner to come over to you and check it out directly if they are online.
If you¬†protect your area, then noone but you can place or¬†destroy blocks there, so don’t forget to do that!

How do I “talk” on the server?

Type in a “t” and then type what you want to say; send it by hitting “Return” = “Enter.”

I can’t talk: Every time I try to talk in the chat it says “cannot send chat message” – please help!
It’s just a setting in Options. Go to Options -> Chat Settings. At the top left, you will see “Chat:”. Click that until it is set to “Shown”. Then you should be able to chat no problem.

How do I “talk” to just one person?

Type /msg (username) and then the message.
Actually, just type in the first couple of letters of the username and then Tab to autocomplete… just a shortcut!

How do I see who is online?

Press and hold the TAB key (on the left, with the arrows pointing to the left / right)

OR type /list

See also:

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